Testimonial & Case Histories

BPER – Services


“Convinced of the close relationship between the level of service provided to customers and the level of automation of the IT, we have partnered with RES to review and optimize the management of our production processes. We have achieved excellent results through automating our changes by propagating these changes to the JOBs and batch schedules. Now we create and maintain our JOBs and schedules in a single “model” environment that is automatically cloned through J-Man for the various target delivery environments. The process fully integrates with our change management tools.”

Vincenzo Campana - Information Systems Department Manager Read more

University of Wisconsin Madison

“Here at the University of Wisconsin Madison we have a need to send files to third parties at all hours of the day. Depending on how busy we were, the file may take a few minutes to a few hours to get sent. We needed a simple solution for self service.

Rather than take time away from our Workload Automation staff, we purchased the RES Suite product UpTown/MP to give the technologists creating the file the ability to send the file themselves.

It only took a few minutes to show them the web interface and now they send the file without our help and it has worked quite well. ”

Rick Post - Workload Automation Service Lead Read more

Vivo | Telefônica do Brasil

“Having an exact understanding of the millions of dependencies between the tens of thousands of Mainframe objects that make up our Production Processing environment would simply be impossible without a powerful and trustworthy tool such as the RES Suite from RES.”

Exupério Mendonça Pimenta - Manager, Support Mainframe Division Read more

Grupo CGD

“Sogrupo-SI/CGD’s management was looking to the market for products and a reliable partner in order to achieve a complete understanding of its development and production environments. CGD’s main objective was to be able to analyze and cross-reference components of their business applications.
Currently many internal areas within CGD are using the RES Suite graphical interface to understand objects used by business applications, including JCL, batch scheduling, application programs, and other transactional and database resources. This information is also used for impact analysis on day-today work. Also, projects are underway to deal with quality assurance and change control issues.”

Carlos Piedade - Processes Manager Read more

SGS – Gruppo Banco Popolare

“The merger between Banca Popolare di Verona e Novara and Banca Popolare Italiana group has seen the creation, in one shot, from eight to twenty-managed institutions.

The implementation of the RES Suite and operational support of the RES organization allowed the bank’s I.T. staff to complete the process of merger and acquisition in less than one year."

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Banca Popolare di Sondrio

"With the double goal of cutting costs by optimising the use of IT resources and supplying a continually improved service to our customers, we have decided to put our trust in RES and aim at a project of Quality Assurance, which has proved to be important and has brought changes in the process and organisation level of the company.

We can confirm that the Quality project, initially devised to guarantee software quality has, over time, involved the entire organization. This has given rise to a comprehensive and overall improvement of the banking system. In this sense, it is possible to talk about a “cultural” change pervading the entire organization, which went from “doing good” to “doing good with awareness.”

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Milo Gusmeroli - Deputy General Manager Read the complete Case History

BANKADATI Servizi Informatici - Gruppo Credito Valtellinese

“In Bankadati Servizi Informatici we introduced with RES the concept of cloning the production environments while maintaining a strict alignment of managed instances: working on a single reference environment when any need of change occurs, while at the same time ensuring the highest level of parallelism of our controlled processing.”

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Giulio Piazzi - ICT Governance Read the complete Case History

BPM – Banca Popolare di Milano

“BPM – Banca Popolare di Milano had three objectives:
a) Reduce the complexity, generally growing up side by side with the number of managed target Environments
b) Assure more flexibility for hardware and software configuration possibilities, therefore assuring the ability to manage increasing systems at almost constant costs
c) Release the speed of maintenance and evolution of software from the organizational speed of its users.

Three major answers:
a) The systems architecture review, from the standpoint of basic software and subsystems
b) The review of the way of qualifying objects for their multiple target systems management
c) A complete reorganization of the objects change processes (including the usage of the RES Suite architecture).

BPM achieved a centralized management of objects that makes it more light and less costly.”

Umberto Castelli - Production Management VP Read more


“ISIDE, one of the biggest technological sites on the banks market and the first in the “co-opertive credit” arena, with about 160 banks and more than 1.100 branch office committed to RES the achievement of the following important objectives:
a) The knowledge of the whole asset
b) The re-engineering of the batch schedules
c) The connection of production objects to the whole applications life-cycle
d) The automatic management of multiple target systems through a unique reference model
in order to achieve complete awareness of the asset and significant reduction of total number of objects to be handled, easiness in the management of the applications and dramatically increase of reliability, reduced need of skill and manpower for handling the growth in number of managed banks and batch flows.“

Claudio Podestà - Operational area VP Read more

BNL – BNP Paribas

“BNL BNP Paribas, together with IBM, identified RES as the best partner able to help the DC in the double objective of errors reduction and automatic generation of a global documentation of the whole new system. We proceeded to a first project phase finalized to the reduction of errors and optimisation of the batch environment with RES, then we decided to use the RES
Suite for documentation too, starting a second project phase for the inventory of the whole IT objects, achieving the total documentation of on-line and batch software and of batch flows. To date RES Suite is used daily by the Chng-management, Performance, Application Development and Production Support departments.”

Roberto Pellegrini - Production Management VP Read more